Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Book of Awesome!

Hello 2011!

I have to admit that I didn't make any official New Years Resolutions this year. It just seems kind of silly and I don't know anyone who has ever kept a resolution throughout the entire year.

But, I do understand the concept. A turn of the calendar page to the new year offers a fresh start for many people...a reason to take that extra step to get out for that morning run. I just had my fresh start a little earlier in the year. Instead of using New Years, I actually made my resolutions back in August when Mike and I moved to Seoul. With this type of move and the big change for us, it brought so many opportunities for me to experience all of that stuff I was too busy for at home. I decided and resolved to take this time I had to experience life! I think I have acheived some steps towards that so far, but know there is so much more...

With all of that cheesiness aside, today I found a book that really resonated with me and my resolutions for this year and I wanted to share it with you. It is called The Book of Awesome. I have not read the entire book and cannot claim that it is earth shattering information, but makes sense. And for me, it leaves me with this urge to go out and DO SOMETHING! I feel energized, empowered and happy.

The Book of Awesome is written by a normal guy (although from Canada) that had crap happen in his life and he needed an excuse to wake up every morning, so he started a blog called 1000 Awesome became hugely popular and years it is as a Top Selling Book. The part that I like...he reminded me of all of the awesome things I experience here everyday in this new world in Seoul. Some things leave me feeling like a 3 year old again while other things bring me to tears in laughter. I have this unbelievable experience of living in a whole new country across the world and having the time to experience it all. I want to soak it all in...and hopefully share a bit with all of you out there too!

So, no better time to start than now. Totally and completely stealing the Book of Awesome Idea, I thought I would share some Awesome things about Korea with you. It won't be every post, but as they come to mind. I hope you enjoy! And if you feel like sharing some awesome things back...I would love it!

I thought I would start with one of the first Awesome things I experienced here in Seoul:

Awesome Things about Korea #1: Paris Croissant!

Yes. I said Paris Croissant in Seoul. I have no idea if this is a phenomenae across Korea or just in Seoul, but the city is flooded with French Pastry Shops with names like Paris Baguette and Paris Croissant. It is my downfall. I have been to Paris and the pastries don't get much better...that is, if you like food.

Everyday, you can see the pastry chefs making fresh pastries that morning. This is no removing frozen pre-prepared goods from wrappers and defrosting or microwaving them. (I won't say who I am talking about Starbucks!!) These are fresh baked butter croissants where every buttery layer flakes off in your hand and melts in your mouth. They have cinnamon buns that would put Cinnabon in your local mall out of business. They have muffins and cookies, apple pies and blueberry whachamacalllits. It is delightful!

It is a wonderful day to stop in...get a great cup of cofee, a butter croissant and sitting on their plush couches with fluffy pillows and read all of the world news on my iphone via their free wifi. What a great world!

Thank you Korea for introducing me to French Pastries!

The cakes are amazing and so intricately decorated.

Rows and rows of pastries.  There are some red bean and
sweet potatoe pastries I am sure did not come from France.

Butter croissants, chocolate croissants, baby croissants,
almond croissants...need I say more.

Just in case you were wondering...I don't even feel guilty eating one of these. Paris Croissant is part of why I keep running here in Korea :-)

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