Monday, April 25, 2011

Adidas MBC Race

When Nike or Adidas sponsor a race here, it usually draws a crowd and the shirts are very bright.

This year, the Adidas Race Shirt (race swag) was neon green...and everyone wore the shirt. In the U.S., it is an unwritten rule that you don't get to wear the free race t-shirt until you have completed the race. Here in Korea, things are different...I believe the understanding is that, if you are given a t-shirt, then they must expect you to wear it ?!

Well, with neon green shirts, it creates a sea of green...

Still on the injured list from the Marathon, I was the support for this race, while Mike ticked away and came very close to beating my best 10K time...(really need to get back out there before he catches me!)

It was easy to spot Mike in the light blue shirt...

And here are some of our fellow Seoul Flyers who also came out for the run.

Cherry Blossoms

For those of you East Coasters out there, Cherry Blossoms will sound familiar because they bloom about the same time in D.C as they do here in Seoul.  And they don't last long (especially with the wind here). 

Cherry Blossoms are a sign that Spring has arrived here in Seoul and the trees are beautiful. 

Yeouido Park is the prime area to see the Cherry Blossoms, but I think there were actually better ones right outside our house.

During Cherry Blossom Festival week, we, along with all of Seoul ventured to Yeouido to see the Cherry Blossoms.

Nice pose Mike!
Maybe a Christmas Card?

Marathon Recovery in Bali

There is just not enough to say about Bali. In one sentence...If you ever get a chance to go, GO!

About five days after Bali, Mike and I left a snowy (yes, snow) Seoul for our 7 hour flight to Bali. We were spending 3 nights in Ubud (home of Eat, Pray, Love) and 2 nights in Nusa Dua in the Hyatt. Ubud was our favorite.

We had a gorgeous Villa in Ubud right in downtown Ubud. We had a private pool and breakfast delivered outside to our vila each morning.

Here was our breakfast...after a quick swim in the pool in the morning :-) It is a tough life...heheh!

There are beautiful rice fields, all around and we found some restaurants overlooking the rice patties, visited Monkey Forest where monkeys run loose, ate, shopped, and took a tour one day of some of the parts of the island.

Ubud has wonderful scenery, shopping, eating and nightlife. We spent our evenings at a local bar with some live music and good drinks...

We did a day tour and drove around the island with a tour of a rice field, coffee plantation, and volcano.

And finally, we spent 2 days on the beach in Nusa Dua on the south part of the island.

Oh Bali...I miss you already! I'll Be Back!!!