Friday, November 11, 2011

Romantic Dinner at the 63 Building

The 63 Building is the tallest building in Seoul...about 100 stories high. And, Mike surprised me with a romantic dinner at the top of the 63 Building.
Bad quality picture of the Happy Couple
View of Seoul from our table
Our table facing out to the view of Seoul...and
dont' forget the wine!

Oh yeah, in the bottom of the 63 Building, there is an aquarium...all part of the date!

Golfing in Korea

Since South Korea has 60Million people in the space the size of 50% of California, there isn't much space for extra things.

One of those "extra" things are golf courses. There are some golf courses, but they are very highly in demand and cost about $300-$400 per round. Hmmm...1/2 the price of a trip to the Bali or 18 holes. Needless to say, we have not chosen to play many rounds of golf here.

But, we have chosen to play some Indoor Golf. And, it is more than just Nintendo Wii style. The platform moves and you can see the ball fly through the air on the screen. Koreans know how to make this work...

Here is our friend Todd on the indoor course.

Oktoberfest at the Grand Hyatt Seoul

Just because we live in Korea doesn't mean we have to miss Oktoberfest. The Grand Hyatt here in Seoul hosts one of the largest Oktoberfests in Asia.

Lots of beer and lots of German food...and good friends.
Jeff demonstrating how to properly drink at Oktoberfest
Beer chugging competition...a Korean woman won! Who says
Korean woman cannot drink!

Even some authentic dressed Germans in Korea
...and we danced!

And dancing...people actually know all of the words to these songs :-)

...and danced
...and danced!

Seocho 5K

Mike and I are STILL running. Our neighborhood had a small 5K event in September and here are a few pics from the event.

Not sure what the gladiator suits are for, but this Korean guy wanted to pose with me.

Again, not sure what a carrot/ orange guy is doing here, but you never know what you are going to see in Korea. 

Mike prepares to make beer in Korea.

If you are reading this blog, you know is pretty well and you know that Mike's life-long dream is to open his own micro-brewery. And he has "assigned" the task to his lovely wife Jennifer :-)

So, in the meantime, Mike is preparing to continue his home-brewing here in Korea. And, in order to do that, he needed a "really big pot."

And in Korea, Namdaemun Market is where you can find anything...which is where Mike found this happy Korean Man who was happy to sell him this 15-Gallon Steel Pot.

Hopefully, we will have some beer soon...


For those of you that love Karaoke, you will adore Noraebang. The hardest part of Karaoke is all of the strangers staring at you. Noraebang has solved that problem.

For a mere $10/ hour, you can rent a small room with your friends for a private Karaoke event with tamborines and lots of supporting music. Even Mike sings at Noraebang...after a few beers, of course. 

My New Car!

My husband bought me a car!!! 

Wow, never thought I would say this, but Mike bought me a car! Not that Lexus Holiday Big Red Bow event, but ...even better, a cool Dirt Yellow Matiz!

Here are the highlights:
  •  0.8L, 3 cylinders of power
  • turn off the air for big hills gives you turbo-boosting power
  • probably about 50 miles/ gallon of all. I get to driver here in Seoul, even with the $8/ gallon gas prices.

And here she is..

Mike has proposed  some modifications to improve the appearance...Transformers Stripes! What do you think? Since GM has sponsored the Transformer movies, there is an aftermarket kit where you can actually get these stripes :-)

And if you are skeptical about how pretty my car is, here was my other option. Yes, that was pink on the inside AND outside.