Friday, November 11, 2011

My New Car!

My husband bought me a car!!! 

Wow, never thought I would say this, but Mike bought me a car! Not that Lexus Holiday Big Red Bow event, but ...even better, a cool Dirt Yellow Matiz!

Here are the highlights:
  •  0.8L, 3 cylinders of power
  • turn off the air for big hills gives you turbo-boosting power
  • probably about 50 miles/ gallon of all. I get to driver here in Seoul, even with the $8/ gallon gas prices.

And here she is..

Mike has proposed  some modifications to improve the appearance...Transformers Stripes! What do you think? Since GM has sponsored the Transformer movies, there is an aftermarket kit where you can actually get these stripes :-)

And if you are skeptical about how pretty my car is, here was my other option. Yes, that was pink on the inside AND outside.

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