Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hi Seoul Marathon 10K

Mike and I ran the Hi Seoul Marathon 10 last Sunday. It started at City Hall and went to Ttukseom Seoul Forest. It was a beautiful morning for the race, but a bit of an early start after a long week... (can you tell from our pictures :-)

Have I mentioned what a great sport Mike is? After a week with many late late work nights and little (ok no) training, he was up with me for this 10K!

Off to the subway at 6AM for an 8AM start. Found ourselves in the subway with loads of other runners geared up for the race. Have a mentioned that Koreans LOVE their gear! Each race starts with some celebration, announcers, even some Korean cheerleaders this time, some back-rubs, stretching and fireworks...

It was our second 10K in Korea and looks like my training is paying off. The course was long and was actually closer to an 11K, but I had a PR with the fastest pace I have ever done in a 10K (8:33 minute/ mile!!) Yeah!

For those of you familiar with pacers at marathons, they were here as well. Here is one of them getting their balloon, so their group can see them. Only thing is...his bib says "PACE MAKER." whaaa?

Some things just don't translate seemlessly from Korean to English, and we get a good chuckle once in a while.

Next Race is the Sports Seoul Half Marathon in November! 

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  1. Hi! My husband and I are going to South Korea for vacation next month. We are looking for a race in South Korea and I think this fits our schedule. Was it a good race? I will probably do the half (maybe the full if I feel crazy). Any advice? Thank you!