Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recycling Biker

Back in good old Warren, MI, there was a guy who drove around every Monday night (the night before trash was picked up) and took anything he thought had any value. Not sure where he took it, but he loaded it in his truck and off it went.

Well, here in Korea, bikes can be used, when trucks are not available. I took this picture one night while I was out in our neighborhood walking Maddy.

This form of trash hauling/ recycling is not for the amateur biker. And, just after this picture, I saw him with an empty bike headed back out for more recycling.  He was a little wobbly with a full load and a hill with about a 20 degree incline...quite a feat for a bit of cardboard. Power to 'em!

Not a great quality picture (darn iphone with no flash), but if you can see, this bike is not the most up to date style. It even has the old style kick-stand that is connected to the back wheel.

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