Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer is the season for Base....ball!!!

Summer in any American City means Baseball games.Things like the Tigers games in Detroit with some cold beers and the fireworks at the end are something you miss when you live overseas. So, we decided to try a Korean Baseball Game.

There are 8 teams in Korea. LG Twins, Doosan Bears, Samsung Lions, SK Myverns, etc, all of which are owned by the large Korean case those names didn't ring a bell to you.

The Doosan Bears are our local team...with their stadium in the Jamsil Olympic Park, just about 6km from our house.  So, we joined some friends and decided to cheer on our local team.

Great things about Korean Baseball games:
 1) tickets are only $8-$12 for good seats
 2) stadiums are completely accessible (as is everything else) from the subway, so no worries about drinking and driving
 3) no ridiculously priced food or $3, kimbab $3, ice cream bar  $1.50, KFC family pack $6 or any other Korean food...priceless that you can actually afford to take your family to a baseball game and have a few drinks and  without breaking the bank!!
 4) choreographed dancers!
 5) sing-alongs in Korean to American music (like "Surfin USA, etc)

Yes, this guy is selling beer from a keg on his back...and
it is only $3.

We'll be back to support our local Doosan Bears...although I hear they aren't doing so well this season!

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