Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Express Bus Terminal...take me away!

So, Express Bus Terminal is the marvelous place of endless possibilities here in Seoul...
  • you can get one of hundreds of buses to take you around the city
  • you can get one of three different subway lines
  • you can go to Shinsagae Department Store (Nordstrom equivalent here) and better yet, Shinsagae Food on the bottom floor with the most marvelous selection of all kinds of food, desserts, wines, teas, western food, and a cafeteria to get it all fresh
  • you can reach Central City which has every American Chain available here in Seoul, including Krispy Kreme, TGIFridays, Dunkin, etc
  • a book store that sells exhorbitantly high-priced western books...of which I have spent way to much money on Lonely Planet travel books :-(
  • and...leaving the best for last...miles of underground shopping where you can buy anything from deodarant to bedroom furniture! Seriously...ANYTHING!
So, after picking up a pair of black pumps for $10 there, I journeyed down to the other end of the Express Bus Terminal to select som plants for our apartment. Mike has been requesting that we spruce the place up a bit and plants are good for your chi, (Gi for Koreans) right?

So, here are our new additions. Great thing about Korean customer service. Picked them out about 4PM yesterday and they were delivered at 8:05PM last night...now that is service. Seriously, US companies would never survive here!

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