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Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Mom arrives in Korea!!

On Saturday, November 13th, my Mom landed in Incheon airport after 23 hours of travelling from Philadelphia. She is our first visitor (besides work visits) and we had so much fun.

My Mom was here for 2 1/2 weeks and we did ALOT! So much to see here. If you would like more to even see videos...and you know my mom...she will burn you a DVD of hours of video she took while she was here as well. Yes, we were the tourists walking around Seoul with the video camera!!

Most important things first...Mom tries soju and Korean BBQ.

Mom rides the subway and the better way to get around Seoul.

We went to the markets and ate street food...

We walked...and walked...and walked...
This is the walk from my house down the hill to the bus or the subway. It is a hill and the first few times, it is tough. But after, walking it 2-3X/ day, my Mom was in shape. Maddy even jogs it now!

We saw the Seoul Tower at Night with beautiful views of Seoul, and road the cable cars

...and the Lantern Festival on Cheong-gye-Cheong River.

Visited Gyeongbokgong Palace...

We went to Jeju Island for a few days in the second week and got so lucky with the gorgeous weather. Jeju Island is a Korean Island off the southern coast of South Korea.  It is better known to Koreans as the "Hawaii of Korea" or in more traditional times, the honeymoon island. It is a volcanic island with beautiful beaches and beautiful mountains and some of Koreans unique
  • the Buddhist temples you can find in the mountains way above the oceans
  • the endless amounts of fresh fish served right on the cliffs where Korean women divers go down to catch them
  • Tangerines...galour!! It was tangerine season on Jeu
  • ...and much much more

View of Jungmun Beach from our hotel room at Hyatt

Brideg across Cheonjeon Falls, just a short walk from our hotel

Mom at Cheonjeon Falls

Mom gettin' in the water at Jungmun Beach

Tangerine Pickin'

Buddhist Temple. In one, we actually got to take our shoes off,
go in and sit in one of the servicess where the monks chant.

Well known for thier tea. O'Sulloc grows their tea in Jeju.
Their green tea ice cream is also delicious.

Merry Christmas from the Spirited Gardens

300-400 steps later...Buddhist Temple built into the side of the mountain.

Hotel kept leaving tangerines everyday...too many to eat.
And we completed our tour of Korea with a well-deserved pedicure...

I hopes this encourages encourages everyone to...please visit! We would love to show you around Seoul. It really is a wonderful city.

And Mom...please come back soon!

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