Monday, December 20, 2010

Siberian Winds....Ahhh!

Yes, Siberia is not that far from Korea, in terms of air masses. Check your world map again. I had been warned that the Siberian Winds from the northwest will create very cold, windy days here in Seoul in the winter.

Until last week, I thought "so far, so good!" 30-40F is completely bare-able and actually enjoyable. But, Tuesday and Wednesday last week brought 18F with Siberian Winds that made it feel like 4F.

Now, for those Michiganders who love the cold weather and think I am a wuss right now, please take this time to reconsider your judgement. In Michigan, 4F is only felt as you dash between buildings, cars, retaurants and food stores. In Seoul, no car for me means I walk everywhere and there is no way to escape the winds, especially with the tall buildings that block the sun. I am not complaining, just validating.

So, you may wonder how I plan to survive...bundle up like Randy's little borther in A Christmas Story...what is his name? Does anyone every remember his name?

Here is my checklist:
  • warm wool hat
  • large wool scarf that you can wrap around your face twice
  • wool mittens that thansform into gloves to allow you to have access to your fingers without taking off your gloves (necessary for getting your subway pass out or picking up Maddy's droppings!
  • Long down coat...could use a longer one than I have now to help cover more of my butt :-)
  • Thermal underwear (not shown), but for 5,000 KRW (~$4), you can get these wonderful long underweat with fleece on the inside. Let me know if you want some and I will stock up and bring back to the states. They would be great skiing attire.
  • UGG, warm fuzzy lined boots with smartwool socks underneath
  • iphone with headphones (not shown), but necessarry for entertainment. A lesson I learned by almost getting hit by a car...walk the streets of Seoul with only one headphone in your ear, because if you don't, a car, scooter, bike or ajima will surprise you. No "pedestrians first" law here.

Maddy gets bundled as well. She is not happy about this.

I know we both look like fools, but I am convinced that this is a better strategy for sustaining health than mini-skirts and high heels, which are so preferred by Korean women. More power to them!

You will also be happy to know that this weather only lasted 2 days and now we are back to 40F, sunny days here in Seoul. Until next time...

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  1. I think the little brother's name is Randy and the older boy is Ralphie. At least you can put your arms down!