Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seoul's unique fashion...

Since we moved here, we have been hearing that "when the weather gets colder, the skirts get shorter."

One of the first things you will notice in Seoul is that most Korean women are very style conscious. From the high heels to the decorative hair accessories, style is a part of their life. Maybe that is why American tourists are called slouches with our khaki shorts and white tennis shoes.

I caught the perfect picture on the subway the other day to help describe this better. It wasn't the coldest day of the year but probably about 25F, feels like 17F. I can validate that with the down coat and scarf she has on up top.

There is the stylish Korean woman...

Then there is me...

Hats off the Korean women who are willing to suffer cold and high heels to look good. They do look good! For now, I am going to stick with my bundling...like a true American, preferring warmth and comfort over style.

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