Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What's Next...

After happily arriving back in Seoul from Vietnam, Mike and I spent a Sunday afternoon with two laptops, a few Lonely Planet travel books and good old maps...planning what is next.

Bought this map when we moved here and planned our first trip to China. I had to ask, "What direction is Shanghai from us?" Thought a map would be helpful since I was flying there the next week :-) If I am going to be lost somewhere in the world, I should at least know what direction home is.

With Bali, Indonesia, Japan and Australia & New Zealand already on the itinerary, we are searching for some additional places to see. We've looked at Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Phillippines...but, we need your help.

Has anyone travelled anywhere they loved in Asia or Oceania? We'd love to here your experience and recommendation to go or not to go!

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