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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Biking Along the Han

Cell Phone....check

And I was off for my first bike ride along the Han River. Our seatainer arrived last week and with it, our BIKES! Yeah! I have been watching everyone bike along the river with great envy. It was my turn last night.
Me, geared up for the ride...figuratively & literally!

This was my route. The riverside path is completely
paved and marked. Not too many people here, but definetly got
busier as the night went on.
Lots of cafes and yes, 7-Elevens, along the riverside path. Even tables
outside to stop and enjoy some co-pee, ice cream or whatever your heart desires.

I took off for the ride about 5:30PM and was able to see the river as the sun was starting to set. It was a beautiful site. Here are a few to share...(pretty good camera skills if I don't mind complimenting myself...these were taken while riding...don't tell Mike. He would be upset with my lapse in safety ;-)

Bike Ride along the Han is another "Must See (Do)" for your next visit to Korea!

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