Thursday, September 16, 2010

Flip-Pics...Me Enjoying Bingsu

Mike took these pictures of me enjoying my Bingsu one can enjoy me in action!

Bingsu is a desert made up of finely-shaved ice on the bottom and topped with just about anything (I've seen gummy bears on one hand and fresh fruit on the other.

My binsu tonight had green tea ice cream, nuts, corn flakes of some kind, rice balls, and lots of other stuff. It sounds strange, but as all of the toppings start to melt into the shaved ice, it is even more delicious. For those of you from my generation out there...its like Pee Wee Herman's ice cream soup (once it all melts). My facial expressions speak for themselves...

Bingsu...add it to your Korean "Must See (Do)" list for that trip you are planning!

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