Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I thought Monsoon Season was over!

In Season 1 of Storm Stories of Seoul, Jennifer & Michael Onofray are found clinging to a tree limb as their car floats away into the Han River...

Ok, that didn't happen, but the three consecutive days of rain this week definetly make it very feasible...more feasbile than any other time in my life.

I have never experienced such terrential downpours, consistently for 4-5 hours (so far) in my life. Walking home from the subway, my umbrella was giving into the rain and I was getting wet THROUGH my umbrella.

Look at this picture on the Yongsan Military Base...pretty sure we should not have been driving.

And, this is a shot outside Dongjak Station...yes, these are the types you see in "Storm Stories" on the weather channel. All our Korean friends keep saying, "Don't worry, the rain will end soon and it will be a beautiful Fall." There is only so long I can continue to believe.

Yes, that green path used to lead somewhere...now it leads to a well-overflowing river.

Pray for sunshine for us! I hope the rain ends soon, but weatherunderground is predicting otherwise. Ahhhhh!

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