Thursday, September 16, 2010

Subways at Rush Hour

Most of my travel time is spent off-rush hour, so I hadn't seen much subway crowding to this point. I was warned and on a venture out for dinner one night...Mike and I ran into lines.

The craziest part of this is that there is silent organization and norms that just happen...for instance...
  • You form two lines for each subway door (Why two...I don't know, but it works)
  • The people exiting the subway car come out the center of the two lines...
  • Pushing, bumping is ok...actually hard to avoid when you have 20 people in line to get into the subway car and it is already full
  • These subway car doors "take no prisoners"...they don't reopen if you try to hop on at the last minute. They WILL close on you, so best that you wait for the next train. It is actually the same with elevator doors (Maddy, our dog, has almost been crushed by the one in our villa a few times)
For those of you planning your trip to see us...don't let this frighten you. It really isn't like this all of the time. And, even though there were all of these people in line, we all managed to stuff ourselves onto the first train!

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