Monday, September 6, 2010

Typhoon Kompasu

Mike and I, along with most expats here in Korea, experienced our first Typhoon last week.

Typhoon Kompasu hit Seoul in the AM last Thursday and left its marks behind. The winds were howling all night Wednesday night and trees around our apartment were bending sideways. Luckily, we are just on the fourth floor of our building, as many other said they could see or feel the taller high-rises swaying in the 50-60 mph wind gusts in the height of the storm.

Not much stopped. The international schools were closed, but most people were out and about, trying to manage their inverted umbrellas. I was walking Maddy and just after coming in, was surprised with flying debris crashing onto our street (our gutters were on the ground and roof tiles were flying about). Next time, maybe I should stay indoors as they suggested :-) Walking around later reinforced this to me even more, as I saw many up-rooted trees, telephone boxes on their side, lots of debris and signs down. Mike said that a 5th floor window at GM Daewoo was blown out as well. It seems Kompasu did leave its marks.

The best part...there are two more on their way this week! Time to hunker down...and I promise that I won't go wandering outside during the Typhoon...although the Koreans do!


  1. Be careful Jen!! We have a ragin forest fire outside of Boulder right now and those natural disasters aren't messing around. Stay safe!

  2. When I was there a monsoon made traffic absolutely stop in Seoul on a Friday night. It took us over 3 hours to go the 1.1 miles from the restaurant back to the hotel. I desperately wanted to walk, but that would have been very rude to my poor Korean co-worker/driver, who was stuck in the traffic regardless.