Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is there a Baker in me?!?

I am going to find out.

And Kerrie has graciously been willing to help me!
Kerrie is on the right!
Earlier this week, Kerrie gave me a lesson in bread-baking 101. We had been over her house for dinner a few months ago and she had made an awesome loaf of fresh baked bread to go along with dinner. There really is nothing better than fresh baked bread. I gobbled down as much as I could fit at dinner...and then she sent us home with the rest of the loaf! I immediately froze it when I got home (no preservatives makes it go back pretty quickly) and made some of the best tuna-salad sandwiches in the following days.

I was inspired and...(as all people tend to say) she said it was easy. So, after much rearranging of busy schedules and planning, Kerrie & I commenced Bread Baking 101 earlier this week.


My first loaf of bread (no bread maker, my friends!). It is a honey oatmeal bread. We actually made the dough at Kerrie's house, then I brought it back to my house to bake. Upon which I made a zillion errors...forgot I was supposed to let it sit in the fridge overnight and baked it that night, forgot to let it rise in the pan (duh!), and other minor mis-steps.

The bread turned out good, but my errors prevented it from being great. The one Kerrie made at her house was better, so no beginners luck in bread baking...more practice and reading the instructions thoroughly makes perfect.

So, I am inspired to bake...or at least try! Do you have a favorite bread, roll or any recipe that you like? Share it with me...I'd love to try!

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  1. Try the King Arthur website, lots of good recipes there. Yummy!