Friday, March 4, 2011

Korean Home!

One of our favorite meals, especially after a long workout, is Korean BBQ. You are at a table where there are boiling hot coals put in the center of the table with a grill on top. You are served your choice of meat in small chopstick friendly pieces and you grill the meat over the hot coals. You are also served many side dishes in true Korean style (it is not a Korean meal unless you have at least 10 dishes for every person at the table). Along with the beef, you are also served some greens (lettuce or leaves of some sort) in which you wrap the meat, kimchi, some type of soup, and sometimes peppers with a bean bean sauce, rice, potatoes or whatever the restaurant specializes in.

After a beef purchase at Costco and with Mike's long weekend, we decided to attempt a semi-Korean BBQ at home.

Here is how our Korean BBQ turned out! Some beef, some veggies, rice, and lettuce for wrapping the beef. And we didn't forget the Korean bean sauce in the green container. Mike even added some extras...mandu and soup!

We don't win points for presentation here, but it was all delicious!

Here is Mike grilling up the hot coals in our apartment,
so we had to go with the stovetop grilling method.

Maddy begging for some steak...due to Mike's
sharing steak with her, she now knows the
smell and the word. She did get a small piece
after we ate.
First attempt...I give it 7 out of 10. Needed some kimchi and soju or makgeoli! 10 for effort though. Practice makes perfect though... check back for more of our attempts at Korean BBQ.

So, for all of our friends back home, get ready for a new style of BBQ at the Onofrays! (wherever that may be)

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