Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spell Check.... Please!

If you have ever travelled abroad, you probably take the numerous amount of signs in English for granted. Honestly, in most European and Asian countries, you can travel around without a bit of knowledge of the local language, because they have kindly taught all of their citizens English and translated most of the essential signs (exit, bathroom, subway, etc) to English. And...have you ever stopped to appreciate that fact?

Recently, I have. With over seven months living here in Korea, I regulary say "Hello", "Thank You", "Good-bye", my address for taxis, ordering food and some other basics in Korean on a regular basis, but it is entirely possible to live in Korea and never learn a drop of English. Good and Bad! Less motivation to force you to learn the language, but makes the transition much easier.

All Korean children are taught English, at least for a few years, and all major road and directional signs are in Korean and English...

My one pet peeve, that you may find consistent with all American expats in Korea, is the lack of Spell Check. They have taken all of the trouble to add the English translation, but they SPELLED it wrong! Arghhh!

Do you think the Korean Gov't would hire me as a sign proof-reader???

Can you see what is wrong with this sign?


  1. Hi Jen!
    This is one of my biggest pet peeves too!
    It just baffles me that they wouldn't think of spell-checking before mass-producing products/logos/newsletters.

  2. I've also thought about that as a job. I mean, how easy would it be, yet SO useful! I love this idea. I think you should approach the government (and I'm giggling to myself because of anybody I know who would actually do that, it's you!)