Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things that make you Hmmmm?!

OSHA has surely created an enormous entanglement of safety regulations and potential sources of litigation of which no human could ever keep complete track, but because of OSHA, we may never get to see this in the U.S.

I left my house about 5 PM on Tuesday and returned about 8PM that night and when all of this stuff was still there, I had to take a picture (sorry for the poor quality...darn iphone 3).

I can only deduce that someone was fitting together some aluminum piping (see remnants of aluminum piping) and using a table saw to cut it (see table saw in top center of picture...a little hard to see). The best part of this picture is that there is NO ONE around either time I walked by, and the table saw is not even closed or locked or anything. It is all the way open, just in case someone needs to stop by and use it :-)Someone was obviously working there during the day and felt that it was appropriate to leave EVERYTHING exactly where it was and leave for the day.

I guess it is a tribute to the honesty of Seoul-ites...this would all be gone in a heartbeat in Detroit

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