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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bangbae Ville House #12-57

I thought I would add in a picture of our home. We are living in the Bangbae Ville House in Bangbae-dong in Southern Seoul. The Han River runs East-West and splits Seoul in about half, with older Seoul in the North and the South is the "newer" area. Newer is relative.

We live South of the river, but just a short 5 minute walk from the Han River. There is a nice riverside park that runs the length of the river (I think someone told me it runs about 20 miles or so). There is a bike and running path (complete with green astro-turf...good for the knees), and along the way they have exercise machines spaced out along the path.

You can see one of the bridges in my picture that connects Northern and Southern Seoul. I think Kay (our driver) told us there were 22 or 27 bridges along the river. We live near the Dongjak Bridge.

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