Sunday, August 29, 2010

Best race SWAG!

Mike and I are signed up for a 10K near the DMZ in October (thank you Seoul Flyers for your guidance through the registration process) and I received my first package in was the race registration confirmation, number and the SWAG!

Guess what you get at races here in Korea...none other than RICE! Not just a little 3 ounce sample, but 3KG! For you non-metric types, that is 6 pounds of RICE! In addition, I am told you will get this at just about every race.

Just some simple calculations (and a good little word problem for those of you with little ones)...
If Mike and I do one race/ month, we will get 12 pounds of rice/ month which gives us 192 ounces/ month. That is about 3 ounces/ day each. Yes, I think I can achieve that, but I don't think I am going to be buying rice anytime soon.

If this is what we get before the race, I cannot wait to see the food we get after the race...I hear Kimchi and Cold Soup! Yum!

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