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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The face of someone who is lost...

We were at a small grocery store yesterday and I was just trying to pick out some juice, and got lots of help. The woman who worked at the store was very nice and made several suggestions about the juice I should try, so I bought some Aloe Juice, Red Ginseng and one that smells and tastes like corn (that is what the woman said anyway.) I will let you know how it goes. I think, most of all, she really wanted to practice her english, which was very good...better than my Korean!

Kay made his own suggestion of some Soju (rice wine), which is very popular and inexpensive in Korea. For you Americans, it tastes like a very smooth vodka and you drink it out of little shot glasses. Not my favorite, but "when in Korea, do as the Koreans."

It seems that everything we try to buy ends up in a 5-minute conversation between Kay and a woman who works in the store in some fast-talking Korean. I try to pick up some words, like "yogi" (here), but that is about all I can get. I am just not sure of what they could be discussing in terms of laundry detergent or bug spray, but they do...

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