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Friday, August 20, 2010

I think Ma-Dee likes it here

For those of you who know Maddy, she loves basking in the sun. This is her at our Michigan home...just laying in the sun, protecting our vegetable plants.

She seems to be adjusting to Seoul life pretty well. She loves her walks, as always, and most people seem to like her as well. She is the only pug I have seen here, but certainly not the only dog. She even met a dog friend, DJ. I think she even gained the friendship of the older Korean maintenance men around the neighborhood, who don't say much, although I walk by them at least 4-5X/ day...and since her name "Ma - Dee" translates pretty well to Korean, most people can call her by name.

It looks like she found a spot in the sun here as well, outside on our deck. She is so darn cute!

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