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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pictures from Moving Day

Just some photos to remember our first home. Maddy was definetly against leaving, but in the end, we prevailed and she was on her way.

We cannot wait to see her again next weekend. Saying good-bye to our home was harder than we thought. How do you get so attached to a building? Saying goodbye to Maddy on Friday morning was even harder.

Maddy is even saying..."What's Going on?"

Her trip begins Friday, July 31st.
 - She gets picked up from Kenny from the Britt's Bow Wow
 - She has her final screening at the vet and then a week at the kennel near the Detroit Airport
 - After lots of crap from the WorldCare Pet Transport (worst company ever!), she is booked on a flight on Saturday, August 7th from Chicago to Amsterdam, short stop over there and then onto Seoul.
 - We hope to see her at her new home here in Seoul on Monday, August 9th...jet-lagged and all!

If anyone out there reading this ever has to transport your pet overseas, I have lots of tips that I wish we would have known ahead of time.

Sarah at Britt's Bow Wow, where Maddy is staying for the week is awesome and has sent along some pictures.

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  1. Love the blog!! Thanks for posting. Good to hear from you. I'll be sending good thoughts to Maddy.