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Saturday, August 21, 2010

First 10K in Korea!

Yesterday I did my first 10K in Korea. I have run 6 miles before, but I have to try to describe the conditions for you.
  • At least 90F outside with no areas of shade
  • Humidity that makes you drip sweat standing on the starting line
  • Hills the likes of Pittsburgh or San Fran

Now, that I have you fairly sympathetic to my conditions here, I'll let you know that that is everyday here and I knew what I was getting into. It was a great race. It was actually FREE because it was on the US Military Base here in Yongsan, Seoul. I joined this great group of runners, Seoul Flyers, and they have inducted me into the world of running in Seoul. It is awesome! Running is a really great way to explore the city and see all of the great parks and areas of Seoul. It get's you some good stares as well.

The greatest part of joining the group is that they do all of the race registrations for you. This doesn't sound like a big deal in the world of internet registrations/ paypal/, etc No, no, no...not here. 2 hours of trying to register on-line for a 10K, a few phone calls and a few nasty words later...I still had not successfully registered for a 10K next month. Needless to say, some things are a little different here! So, with Seoul Flyers, I give them my money and info and they do the work. WaLa! Plus, I have met some really great people that have great info on Seoul and like to run to boot!

Here are a few pictures of the race, the group after the race and us out to a well-deserved "totally US-style" breakfast on base.

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